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Adam Johnson is a multi award-winning Conductor, Pianist and Composer

An international recitalist and chamber musician, Johnson is also in demand as a renowned operatic répétiteur and vocal coach.



"Adam Johnson conducted with care and much feeling...I was reminded of Sir John Barbirolli"
Edward Clark



"An excellent technique and full of fantasy"
Peter Feuchtwanger



Clark Rundell


Complete Works for Solo Piano


Toivo Kuula could never have anticipated that he would achieve international success with his piano music, where a couple of high culturally-tuned works - such as the impressionistic Satukuva Op.19, and the Piano Pieces Op.26 - keep company with song transcriptions and chamber music snapshots.

Adam Johnson, who is well known as a conductor has for the last two years immersed himself in the world of Kuula, bears witness to the originality of the music, which he also has tested in his concerts in England.

All that is universal in Kuula's music is emphasised in Johnson's interpretations. A few specific national features take a smaller role, for example one is not immediately able to recognise from Häämarssi that wedding couples really step into marriage following its beat. The same applies to some of the song arrangements, but it is also interesting and rewarding to be able to hear an outsider view in Kuula's homespun music.

Jouni Somero's all encompassing recording was more comprehensive but required two discs. Grand piano recording is more successful and Johnson has a sophisticated smoothness.

Antti Häyrynen (Rondo Classic, Finland) translated by Hannele Weir

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